Maximize Your Marketing Impact with Vehicle Wraps

We recognize the immense potential of vehicle wraps as a dynamic advertising tool for your event.

Whether you’re an event planner or a sponsor looking to leverage bus advertising, we offer a versatile range of vehicle wrapping options to help you promote your products, services, or event details in a visually captivating manner. Our team collaborates closely with you, guiding you through every step of the process, from concept to installation and removal.

Production Transport Vehicle Wraps

Diverse Vehicle Wrap Options

Our vehicle wrap options cater to various preferences and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect solution that aligns with your marketing goals. Some of our popular options include:

  • Full Wrap: Covering both sides, rear, and front of the bus for maximum exposure.
  • Half Wrap: Adorning above cargo bays on both sides and half of the rear.
  • Window MAX: Utilizing perforated window vinyl across windows for an impactful display.
  • Billboard MAX: Extending above cargo bays to the roof on one side.
  • Half Back: Covering half the vehicle’s height, primarily focused on the rear.
  • Ribbon MAX: Featuring a 2’ high display below windows and above cargo doors on one side.
Production Transport Vehicle Wraps Anime Expo

Enhanced Sponsorship Opportunities

Beyond bus graphics, we offer a range of additional sponsorship opportunities to elevate your event’s advertising efforts:

  • Headrest Covers: Utilize heavyweight cotton headrest covers to showcase your message or logo from a unique vantage point inside the vehicle.
  • Golf Cart Toppers: Make a lasting impression with removable toppers boasting changeable graphics, allowing advertisers to engage both inside and outside event venues.
  • DVD Services: Present your media on coach TVs, sharing videos, slideshows, or event information with passengers. We provide the necessary specs for seamless display.
Production Transport Vehicle Graphics

Your Partner in Event Transportation

At Production Transport, we go beyond transportation logistics to enhance your event’s impact. We understand the significance of your events and the complexity of managing large audiences. Our comprehensive transportation services encompass meticulously planned shuttle services that seamlessly connect attendees from their accommodations to event venues or airports. Whether you’re preparing for thousands or hundreds of thousands, our team is committed to becoming an integral part of your event’s success.

Production Transport Partner With Us

Experience the Power of Vehicle Wraps

Elevate your event advertising strategy with the striking impact of vehicle wraps. Partner with Production Transport to take advantage of a diverse range of wrapping options and sponsorship opportunities that will enhance your event’s visibility and engagement. From conception to installation, we’re here to make your event’s transportation and advertising seamless and effective. Contact us today to explore how vehicle wraps can amplify your event’s message and reach.

Additional Services Offered

Besides providing vehicle graphics for your event, we can coordinate a number of other invaluable special event transportation services that will benefit you and your attendees. Getting to and from the airport, the hotel, the convention center, or any local attraction with your group doesn’t need to become a difficult endeavor. When you choose Production Transport, we work closely with you to create a transportation program that meets your needs, including vehicle sponsorship and golf cart shuttles. Let us become part of your solution.

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