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Illiyana Zecheva

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Chicago (Sales Territory: Midwest and Northeast Region)

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In 2022, Iliyana Zecheva brought her extensive expertise to Production Transport as our Senior Sales Manager. With a career spanning over two decades in the event, hospitality, and transportation industry, Iliyana’s diverse background in management roles across the Chicagoland area has proven invaluable to our team.

A Wealth of Experience

Iliyana’s journey is a tapestry woven with experiences that range from event coordination to vendor management. This comprehensive understanding of the industry positions her as a seasoned professional adept at orchestrating seamless transportation solutions.

A Thriving Passion for Excellence

Iliyana’s commitment to exceeding client expectations is the cornerstone of her approach. Her dedication to client satisfaction shines through in her ability to craft and execute exceptional shuttle programs that enhance the overall event experience.

A Vision for Success

As a Senior Sales Manager, Iliyana’s vision extends beyond the ordinary. Her knack for optimizing operations, strategic sales, and vendor collaboration underscores her commitment to delivering top-tier service and innovation.

Midwest and Northeast Territory

Iliyana’s influence spans across the Midwest and Northeast regions, where she expertly navigates sales initiatives and client relationships. Her in-depth knowledge of these regions equips her with the insights needed to tailor solutions that align with client needs.

Empowering Client Success

At the heart of Iliyana’s role is her dedication to client success. Her ability to forge meaningful connections, coupled with her operational prowess, ensures that each shuttle program is not just a service, but an integral part of the event’s triumph.

A Catalyst for Transformation

Iliyana Zecheva’s presence at Production Transport signifies our commitment to fostering excellence and innovation. Her experience, passion, and strategic mindset make her an indispensable asset as we elevate event transportation to new heights.

A Journey Forward

As a Senior Sales Manager, Iliyana Zecheva stands at the intersection of experience and innovation. Her expertise fuels our aspirations to revolutionize event transportation, deliver unparalleled value, and leave a lasting impact on each client we serve.

Under Iliyana’s guidance, Production Transport is poised to redefine the landscape of event transportation, delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

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